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How long is the term of the pawn loan at Aztec Pawn & Gold?

All pawn loans are a 90 Day CONFIDENTIAL collateral based pawn loan with a 15 day extension period!

Are debit cards accepted for pawn redemptions and renewals?

Yes, we accept debit card payments for all pawn redemptions and renewals.

How can a person lower the amount of a loan balance?

We offer principal pay down, which is a reduction payment that lowers the loan balance.

What is different about Aztec Pawn & Gold?

We offer a clean, family friendly atmosphere.  Our staff is extremely knowledgeable at both locations.  Both of our stores are extremely clean and well organized.  Stop in today and see the difference!

Does Aztec Pawn & Gold offer a lay-a-way program?

Yes, we do! We offer a no interest lay-a-way program with longer 120 day contracts on everything except for televisions!

I know that Aztec Pawn sells firearms, but are they an FFL? Do they do transfers?

Yes, Aztec Pawn is an FFL.  In fact, all entities that sell guns for a profit must have a FFL according to federal law. 

New firearms that we offer for sale: $35.00
Used firearms or firearms that we do not offer for sale: $25.00
Each additional firearm transferred during the same transaction: $10.00

Come see Aztec Pawn for a firearm transfer, which protects both the seller and the purchaser. You must call the store before the firearm is received or there will be an additional transfer fees up to $100.00.

Denied Firearm Fee: If you are Denied there will be a $200.00 and up fee to return the firearm to the seller. You have 30 days to pay the fee.  If you do not pay the fees within 30 days, we will default the firearm(s) into our inventory for sale.

What are some of the items that Aztec Pawn & Gold buys, sells, or trades?

  • New & Used Firearms, Ammo, and Accessories
  • Televisions, Stereos, Video Games, Movies (DVD & Blu-Ray)
  • Jewelry, Diamonds, Gold, Silver, Platinum, Rare Coins, and Old Native American Jewelry
  • Automotive Tools, Hand Tools, and Gas/Electric Power Tools


West Phoenix


Central Phoenix

Aztec Pawn & Gold
2020 N. 75th Ave Ste 14
Phoenix, AZ 85035
(623) 849-0900

Mon-Fri: 9AM-6PM
Sat-Sun: 10AM-6PM

Aztec Pawn - West Phoenix Location   

Aztec Pawn & Gold
36 E. Baseline Road
Phoenix, AZ 85042
(602) 243-0900

Mon-Fri: 9AM-6PM
Sat-Sun: 10AM-6PM

Aztec Pawn - Central Phoenix Location