Aztec Pawn - Gun RoomAztec Pawn and Gold has a huge Selection of New and Used firearms, self-defense equipment, and other types weapons in stock at both locations in our safe and secure gun rooms.. We are a licensed FFL dealer and we buy, sell, trade, and loan on most firearms, black powder guns, muzzle loaders, and antique firearms. We safely and securely store Guns in pawn as well  at each location. Aztec Pawn & Gold is extremely serious about  the Firearms selling industry  and  we do ATF Federal 4473 back ground checks  on all  potential buyers, and firearm pawn redemption. A background check is  not required for you to you sell  us  your firearm or to get a loan on your firearm. You will need to pass  one when redeeming a the loan for any qualified firearm. Please be aware that ATF does monitor and periodically audit this portion of our business for the protection of the community, our business, and yours as well.

Whatever your firearm needs may be, our trained staff can help answer any of your questions and guide you to the right gun that fits your specific needs that is within your price range. We have a wide selection of new and pre-owned firearms, air rifles, and weapons at both of our stores.

Pick up a handgun to keep yourself and your family protected, or get a new rifle for your next hunting trip.


  • Firearm, Guns, Rifle Logos - Glock, Remington, Kahr, Kimber, Sig Sauer
  • Ammo - 9mm, .45 ACP, .223, 5.56 - Knives, Pistols, Rifles, Bows


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